Month: June 2019

Report shows 10,000 extra rentals added to English dwelling stock

06th June 2019

Rental Housing: Between March 2017 and March 2018, the private rented dwellings in England increased by 10,000. Over the same period the owner-occupied dwelling stock increased by 226,000 while the social and affordable rented stock decreased by 1,000 dwellings. Other public sector stock decreased by 13,000 dwellings. The figures clearly demonstrate the trend, how private […]

Long-term care: how will you fund it?

06th June 2019

Moneywise reviews the ways that you can pay for care in old age and the recently proposed national insurance increase for the over-50s, which is intended to help fund a fairer system The care system is currently in crisis, with many people forced to sell their homes to pay for care in later life. As […]